yoga, meditation & SOul medicine

For Women

I'm so happy you're here.

I’m Tara Aldridge, an Australian yoga and meditation teacher, intuitive, happily married mama of two amazing humans & I create events, online journeys and courses of awakening for women.

I’m so deeply passionate about sharing yoga, meditation and soul medicine (the term I use to describe all the magical stuff that’s oh so hard to define) with the world, but particularly with other women. I know all too well how these practices can change lives and it’s my soul calling to encourage other women on their own healing, transformation and awakening journey using my experiences, intuition and inner wisdom as my guide.

I gotta tell you, I haven’t always felt so connected to myself, the world or my purpose. I can honestly say that I spent most of my years in this constant state of self criticism and judgement. My relationship with my body wasn’t at all a positive one and I was completely disconnected from any feelings of empowerment. Like so many young women I constantly looked outside of myself for approval, acceptance and validation. A cycle that can only get you so far before you hit breaking point. 

I found yoga in my early twenties at a time when I REALLY needed it. I was taking a much needed break from the performing arts industry as I was tired of the auditions, judgement, competition and pretty much everything that wasn’t the fun performing part! I remember being in one of my first yoga classes and breathing a sigh of relief. For the first time ever, it didn’t matter how I looked or how I moved. No one was looking and there was certainly no judgement. There was such liberation in that for me. I fell in love with the practice and spent an infinite amount of hours breathing, sweating and sometimes crying on the mat. It was like every breath, every moment and every movement was allowing me to start again.To release my old stories, and open up to the idea that I didn’t need to be ‘perfect’ to be worthy. I guess you could say that I breathed a whole new way of living into every cell of my being. I unlearned what I thought I knew about myself and this world and connected with my authenticity and purpose. I went on to complete my Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching in 2011. This opened up a whole new world for me and soon enough I delved into the healing arts learning reiki, reconnective healing, intuitive healing, pendulum dowsing and a whole lot of other magical stuff! I connected with my innate wisdom and the intuitive abilities that were always there for me as a child. I explored and nurtured my gifts of intuition and healing and before I knew it was sharing these abilities with others and allowing the next stage of my journey to unfold.

Ever since finding yoga for myself, I had a clear vision to create a place where people of all ages, shapes and sizes felt safe to journey with me. I wanted to offer to people what I had experienced and bring together a community of people that didn’t feel like they needed to be flexible or wearing the latest active-wear to fit in. I simply wanted to guide others back towards themselves and hold space for others to heal, transform and awaken. This certainly became a reality for me with True Nature Yoga growing year by year with classes filled with the most amazing souls. These were the people that taught me the most.

I taught classes throughout both of my pregnancies and balanced teaching whilst navigating my way through the early stages of motherhood. I was lucky to have my beautiful community support me through my ever changing journey. My yoga classes evolved over time, and soon enough I was creating events and workshops that took people on a journey of not only yoga but meditation, visualisation, healing, ritual and more. 

There is nothing quite like baring witness to women turning inward and remembering who they are. 

My mission is to remind you that YOU are your greatest healer and greatest teacher and that everything you will ever need is already there within you. It’s a matter of unlearning, awakening and remembering.

Here’s to YOUR journey of self love, empowerment and awakening!

Love Tara