yoga, meditation & SOul medicine

For Women

A Heartfelt Welcome.

We as women are wired to honour our intuitive gifts and divine wisdom.

And when we give ourselves the time, space and permission to do so, that’s when the magic truly happens. When we accept that we are each our own greatest healer, wisest teacher and ultimately the heroine of our own story, we activate the power that is our birthright. 

We each have access to this innate power and divine wisdom that’s encoded within us. 

And you beautiful woman, are no exception.

Yoga, Meditation & Soul Medicine for fertility.

Enjoy these simple yet powerful practices to connect you deeply with your body & power.

May these practices guide you inwards to where your true power resides.

For you are a woman of limitless potential, boundless power & infinite love.

Created & Guided by Tara Aldridge.


Tara Aldridge is an Australian Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer, Intuitive & Mother.

She has been guiding her loyal community with healing yoga, intuitive meditation and events of awakening since 2012 & has created over 4000 live offerings in her soulful style.

As an intuitive, she creates events, sacred gatherings, classes, courses & ceremony which are unique, powerful & channeled specifically for who’s attending. 

She is also the creator of Soultribe Women’s Gatherings, Soultribe Mama/Daughter events, Women’s Healing Journeys, SacredFlo online course and guides in her exclusive online membership.

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