Embrace your cycle & honour your moontime.

SacredFlo is an online journey to help you to live in alignment with your cycle and honour your moontime. Beautifully designed to guide you inward with nourishing yoga, guided meditation, journal work & more. 

When we live in harmony with our cyclical nature & honour our bleed, we reclaim what was once understood to be sacred. This is so much more than simply ‘making peace’ with our periods. It’s about true self care, deep self acceptance & loving ourselves wholeheartedly.

May we break the taboo of shame around what is natural and life giving, and replace it with a deep respect and reverence.

Your Moontime Resource

to revisit each month

embrace your moontime wholeheartedly.

Cultivate a deep respect & reverence for your cycle, moontime and body.

learn how to live in alignment with your cycle.

Reduce burnout & fatigue (and unlock your superpowers!) by learning about the 4 inner seasons that you journey through each month and how to harness the power within them.

nurture yourself with powerful moontime practices.

Enjoy nourishing yoga, guided meditation, journal work and more to support you during your bleeding days.

The truth is, once you experience how it can be for yourself, there’s no going back to the old way of seeing your moontime.


will help you to:
  • Learn why your moontime is sacred.
  • Explore the 4 inner seasons and the cycle you journey through each month.
  • Discover ways in which to live in alignment with your natural cycle to avoid burnout and fatigue.
  • Have access to a printable cycle guide and cycle map to track your cycle from an emotional/energetic perspective.
  • Learn how to navigate the phases of your moontime (SacredFlo)
  • Practice nourishing yoga, powerful guided meditation and journal exercises specifically for your moontime.
  • Discover a new way of viewing your moontime and living in a way that honours your ever changing and cyclical nature.
  • Reclaim, remember and rekindle the magic.


Hi! I’m Tara Aldridge, Australian yoga and meditation teacher, intuitive, happily married mama of two amazing humans & I create events, online journeys and courses of awakening for women.

I’m so deeply passionate about sharing yoga, meditation and soul medicine (the term I use to describe all the magical stuff that’s oh so hard to define) with the world, but particularly with other women. I’ve been teaching for over 9 years both in person and online and have created over 4000 events & classes. 

I know all too well how these practices can change lives and it’s my soul calling to encourage other women on their own healing, transformation and awakening journey using my experiences, intuition and inner wisdom as my guide.

What women are saying ...

Through this journey I have come to like myself for who I am and what I have to offer my family and friends. I have learnt to say no in a positive and caring way, to allow time for myself to relax and be me for me. I have learned to remain calm in stressful situations and I am grateful for every day and for what I can do to make it better for myself, family, friends and our wonderful world. I recommend this program as it is the best seven weeks of self-learning, nurturing and caring every woman deserves, this is the new me, truly awakened. Thank you, Tara.
Cheryl D
I have got so much out of Tara's Woman Awakens course. I have learnt practical ways to relax, make time to nourish myself and become a more well-rounded person. As a new mum, this has given me lots of skills to ensure I take care of myself to enable me to take better care of my family. I love how Tara has structured the course, each week building on from the previous and enabling me to uncover more layers about myself. The course is thorough and in-depth, yet suitable to fit into a busy daily schedule. I particularly got a lot of benefit from the journal questions, encouraging me to think more deeply and also reminding me how much benefit we can get from journal writing. Tara's approach is natural and authentic and her guided meditations are just divine! I would recommend this course to all women who want to deepen their understanding of themselves, build their sense of confidence and self-worth and experience the benefits of taking some time to slow down in our busy lives.
Alicia W
I’ve been attending Tara’s Yoga/meditation classes for many years. It provided me with strength, calmness and a sense of belonging. So, when I relocated to the country I was devastated. What have I done! I chose to leave the most important grounding therapy of my life. When I saw Woman Awakens 7 week journey of yoga, meditation and soul medicine, I was thrilled. The moment I started the journey I was back in her studio. Tara’s passion, wisdom and understanding gave me reassurance. Tara is right in my home, providing me with calmness. I am able to rehash her classes at any time when it suited me. Tara not only understands the art of Yoga Practice, but provides additional wellness and nourishment that I can not find with other practices.
Glenda W

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