Embrace your cycle, honour your moontime & love yourself like never before.

When we live in harmony with our cyclical nature & honour our bleed, we reclaim what was once understood to be sacred. This is so much more than simply ‘making peace’ with our periods. It’s about true self care, deep self acceptance & loving ourselves wholeheartedly. 

Break the taboo & Sing a different song.

Join the rising of women who are honouring their cyclical nature, connecting with the POWER of their moontime & replacing shame and disconnect with a deep reverence and respect.

Your Moontime Resource

to revisit each month

embrace your moontime wholeheartedly.

Cultivate a deep respect & reverence for your cycle, moontime and body.

learn how to live in alignment with your cycle.

Reduce burnout & fatigue (and unlock your superpowers!) by learning about the 4 inner seasons that you journey through each month and how to harness the power within them.

nurture yourself with powerful moontime practices.

Enjoy nourishing yoga, guided meditation, journal work and more to support you during your bleeding days.

The truth is, once you experience just how powerful it is to embrace your cycle & honour your moontime, there’s no turning back.

And the outdated story of shame around menstruation stops with us.

SacredFlo will Guide you to:

learn why your moontime is sacred.

explore & understand the 4 inner seasons

learn how to live in alignment with your cycle to avoid burnout & fatigue.

learn how to navigate the phases of your moontime.

practice nourishing yoga, guided meditation, journal work & more for your moontime.

reclaim, remember and re-awaken the power of viewing your moontime as sacred.

What Women say?

Learn about other women and their SacredFlo experience.

"I've had 29 years dreading and feeling negatively about my period. At now age 44 years I've had a completely different experience whilst following your SacredFlo program.
It was a re-energising time of honouring myself and holding deep gratitude of all that my body is and is capable of. Thank you for putting SacredFlo my way. I believe that it is such a gift and source of power to women."
Michelle Cardy.
"I'm so grateful to you for waking me up to the beauty that is our cycle. New moon today, and boom, my moontime is here too and I'm so grateful for it for the first time in my entire life. Wholeheartedly. Loving my body has never felt so real before. Thank you for the love and for guiding me to this place of self love & acceptance. I now truly get it, this was the missing piece all along."
Emma Garside.
"I am certainly impressed with how this path has really helped me to see my moontime in a different way & honour myself. With such a positive turn that it motivates you to continue and do it again. And what I love most is that it can be for anyone at any stage of their life. It's about inclusion & embracing our feminine powers, turning inward, tapping into our strength & beautiful spirit. Thank you, this is SO precious."
Nathalie Heenan.

Guided by Tara Aldridge.


Tara Aldridge is an Australian Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer, Intuitive & Mother.

She has been guiding her loyal community with healing yoga, intuitive meditation and events of awakening since 2012 & has created over 4000 live offerings in her soulful style.

As an intuitive, she creates events, sacred gatherings, classes, courses & ceremony which are unique, powerful & channeled specifically for who’s attending. 

She is also the creator of Soultribe Women’s Gatherings, Soultribe Mama/Daughter events, Women’s Healing Journeys, Woman Awakens online program and guides in her exclusive online membership.

Frequently Asked Questions


Once signed up, you will have UNLIMITED access to the content to revisit each and every month. This has been designed to support you through your ever changing journey. You’ll notice every time you revisit a journal exercise or meditation, you will have a different experience.

is this suitable for my daughter who is about to begin her moontime?

Yes! This course will allow for her to journey along according to the moon phases and start to honour her cyclical nature in preparation for her moontime. This is all about self love and acceptance after all, so in essence a beautiful resource to support her during this precious time.

Is this only suitable for women with a regular cycle?

Absolutely not. You can do the moontime practices whenever you are bleeding, no matter how irregular your periods may be. If you don’t yet have a cycle, are yet to begin your moontime or perhaps are finished with your cycle, you can still practice according to the moon phases. This will all be explained within the course.

Is this still suitable for me if i am approaching the end of my bleeding years?

Yes. SacredFlo is not just about honouring your moontime but your cyclical nature as a woman. If you don’t have a bleed to mark the start of your ‘inner winter’ you can simply live in alignment with the moon phases. When the moon is in the new moon phase, you will draw upon the ‘inner winter’ practices. This will help you to tune in, check in and honour your feminine nature.

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SacredFlo has been created to support you during your moontime over and over again. Our lives are ever changing, therefore each cycle and moontime offers us a new experience. Let these practices turn you inward to your inner temple each month, that’s where the answers are.