A very special Soultribe dedicated to honouring YOUR sacred motherhood journey.

Soultribe Women's Gathering: 'Mothersway'

Sat 27th March 2021

Mama, we’ve tailored our always sold out event especially for you…

We wanted to create a night that has all the magic of our popular women’s gatherings but tailored especially for the nurturers, healers, wisdom keepers & life givers…yes, this Soultribe is dedicated to the Mothers. It’s all about celebrating the ever changing journey of Motherhood & giving you an opportunity to truly honour the phase and stage that you are in…and with so many heartfelt, healing & moving moments weaved throughout, we hope this honouring will be etched into your heart forever.

‘Mothersway’ will be an evening of deep connection, wisdom sharing, healing and soulful ceremony where YOU will be honoured as a Mother at whatever stage of your sacred journey you are at. A space where the nurturers are nurtured, valued & celebrated. And whether you’re a new mama finding your flow in the early years, are navigating raising teenagers or a Grandmother who is watching your own children bringing new life into the world, we believe that where you’re at right NOW deserves a ‘blessing’ and deep honouring.

We will gather under the stars and beneath the trees whilst new mamas can lean into the wisdom shared by the Grandmothers, where the thread that connects all of us is fortified & where women of all ages will join together in a sacred ceremony like no other.

This event has been woven with intention, with each moment holding deep reverence for our sacred role as Mother’s here on the planet at this time & allowing each of us to feel seen, heard & truly held. A powerful opportunity to turn inwards, heal & lean into potent love for yourself as you are. All whilst being held in pure love by the powerful Mamas that stand with you.

Whether you feel the call to sit in circle/ceremony with Mothers of all ages and stages, are yearning to be held in sacred space or are wanting to honour exactly where you are on your unique Motherhood journey, we wholeheartedly welcome you.

*Please know that this event is about honouring YOU as a Mother first and foremost. There will be Mamas there who attend with their Mothers, sisters, soul sisters and daughters (who are Mothers), but know that this is about YOU and your journey therefore attending alone is also perfect.

Just some of the magic we have in store:

  • Soulful Clearing & Welcome Ceremony.
  • Wisdom Sharing Circle.
  • Channeled Meditation & Self Love process with Tara Aldridge.
  • Sacred Drumming with Emma Wakefield.
  • ‘Empowerment of the Feminine Principle’ group healing with Odette Linton.
  • Heartfelt live music ‘song journey’ with group mantra.
  • Story telling with Gillian Howarth + tea blending ceremony.
  • Powerful walk through ceremony whilst Star Love Photography captures your essence for a precious keepsake portrait.
  • Nourishing vegan banquet dinner by Food Remedy.
  • Raw desserts by Crunchbox.
  • Beautiful connection visualisation to send potent love into the world & thread ceremony.
  • And so much more…

Saturday 27th March 2021
Woodstone Farm in Gnangara

Exchange for all of this magic: