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body love

How do you truly feel about your body and your appearance? If you don’t immediately answer ‘incredible!’- then you my friend, are not alone.

We spend our pre-teens and teenage years already bombarded with advertisements and images of what attractive and valuable women look like. These images depict a certain body type, airbrushed skin and glossy hair. There’s the straight white teeth, the pout and the picture perfect image of what happiness and success is ‘suppose’ to look like.

 We look at ourselves in the mirror in these vulnerable years and compare ourselves to these images which are for the most part unattainable (thank you photo shop!).

This can create a constant striving for perfection or deep seated insecurities that can stay with us for the rest of our lives.

In adult hood, the pressure is still there. Whether it’s to get our ‘pre baby’ body back and look like we did before falling pregnant within a few short weeks or months post birth, or  the pressure to not let the natural process of aging get the better of us. We are still exposed to marketing campaigns that make A LOT of money from targeting our insecurities. These advertisements send a very clear message that the natural process of aging is unacceptable and that we really should rid ourselves of cellulite, body hair, wrinkles and anything else that is seen as unacceptable to society.

It’s not easy to see these campaigns for what they actually are and not fall victim to the pressure to look a certain way. I for one spent the first twenty-odd years of my life going to drastic measures to live up to the ideals I was bombarded with!

 True liberation comes when our goals change to health orientated ones and when we can feel grateful for what our body allows us to do. Real body love is seeing those images for what they are and realising the gift that is the vessel that we’ve been given for this life.

 Self acceptance comes with accepting the cyclical nature of this life and embracing the truth that aging is in fact a privilege. In an age phobic society, it’s not easy to turn inward and embrace the process.

 Keep in mind that there are cultures that still respect and honour the aging process and that see the wisdom and beauty that comes with getting older.

Wherever you are on your journey, whether you feel like a  goddess who has embraced your body in all it’s glory or perhaps are still struggling with the so called imperfections, there is much to be gained from the exercise below.


exercise for body love:


Draw a picture of your body (no need to be an amazing artist!). I’d like you to write on top of the drawing and point out your insecurities. From lumps and bumps to body shape..don’t hold back! Let your insecurities run wild here.


Write down each insecurity/body part/hang up (on your picture or in your journal). Then, write down as many things that each of your ‘not so perfect’ body parts allows you to do. Express until you can actually feel gratitude and pride. For example: My jiggly belly… even though it doesn’t look like the ‘perfect’ toned belly, it has stretched and accommodated both of my babies. It’s remarkable to think of how big it grew. The marks, lines and bumps remind me of what a miracle my body performed twice over.


Once you have completed the above process for all of the body parts in step 1, take a moment to sit quietly. Read each point in step 2 out loud and then place your hands on that part of you and send it love and thanks. Sit with it until you can truly soften and feel compassion and love towards your body. Take a moment to remember how lucky you really are to have the body that you do.

* Step 3 can be performed whenever you are feeling triggered and insecure. Instead of falling into the self loathing pattern, stop and use the exercise above to bring you back to truth. The truth is, your body is a miracle. It allows you to do SO much and it is the only one you have. Nothing is gained from judging and criticising it.

 I’d like to finish by saying there is NOTHING more beautiful, sexy and attractive than a women who loves and accepts her body wholeheartedly.

 Set a positive example for the young women in your life by stopping the negative body talk and loving the skin you’re in. You never know who you will empower and inspire along the way.