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Calm. Self Worth. Self Care. Wisdom. Authenticity. Gratitude. Embodiment.

mirror work

a powerful exercise for self love

Louise Hay (Spiritual teacher, author and one of the most influential teachers on self love/healing) shared this practice with the world many years ago. It is one of the most powerful ways to heal and shift into a place of self love and acceptance.

How to do it:

Find a mirror and look yourself in the eyes. Truly see yourself and say many times over:

‘(your name), I love you.’

This can be SO uncomfortable and bring up all sorts of feelings!

I encourage you to keep eye contact and without judgement, allow whatever needs to come up, to come up. You might giggle, feel tears start to flow or perhaps just feel silly. Just go with it and eventually (maybe after many times of revisiting) you will start to see the real you…with love.

Repeat until you soften and can see your vulnerability and beauty. This will help you to tap into the deep well of  compassion within you and love yourself wholeheartedly.

Don’t underestimate the power of this process!!!!