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journal exercise for wisdom/intuition

Please watch the video below. Your questions are below.


your questions

Exercise 1:

I’d like you to take a moment to reflect on times in your life that you had a deeper knowing or gut feeling about something or someone. Perhaps it was your first impression of someone that turned out to be accurate, or maybe it was a feeling to take a different route to work. It doesn’t matter whether these are dramatic moments or small, insignificant ones. These can be times when you listened and followed your instinct, or even times when you ignored it.

 Either way, write down times when your ‘feeling’ on a past experience was correct in a sentence. 

For example: 

I remember as a kid, I had a certain negative vibe or feeling when I met my sisters first boyfriend, even though everyone liked him, I just had a feeling that there was something untrustworthy about him that I couldn’t explain at the time.

Exercise 2:

Now explore how the ‘feeling’ or ‘knowing’ came to you. Do you remember it like a physical feeling or was it more of a thought or idea? Perhaps it was a dream? This will help you to gain a deeper understanding of how your intuition shows up in your life and will better prepare you to recognise it in future.

For example: I remember it was a feeling in my belly, almost like butterflies but with a negative spin on it.

Exercise 3:

Explore each of your examples and reflect on how the situation panned out and if you listened to your inner knowing or ignored it.

Exercise 4:

It’s rare that your subconscious leaves a question unanswered. Practice writing down a question about your life (e.g How can I best improve my health?) and then allow the answer to come. This process will focus you and remind you how to best live your life. You will be amazed at the wisdom that is always at your fingertips.