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Woman Awakens

Calm. Self Worth. Self Care. Wisdom. Authenticity. Gratitude. Embodiment.

express yourself!

there is no time like the present to create a life that fills you up.

For the week of Authenticity, I wanted to give you gentle nudge to express yourself! 

It’s SO easy to get caught up in the ‘daily grind’ and fall into the trap of forgetting how important it is to express ourselves and have fun. We can also avoid doing or trying certain things out of the fear of not being good at it.

I know in my life when I try something random or new and I’m terrible at it, it always makes me laugh and feel a strange sense of liberation and freedom. 

These fun and silly moments remind me to not take myself too seriously and that a good dose of fun can change everything (especially during stressful times).

I’d like you connect with yourself and do something that allows you to express with freedom and joy. It could be something you loved doing as a child, or perhaps it’s something that you love doing as an adult but have put it off (out of fear) or simply haven’t created the time for it.

Whether it’s dancing, singing, painting, cooking, designing, creating, performing or drawing, this is your chance to indulge in joy and expression. 

Pick something that excites you and do it in some way, shape or form this week. If it’s dancing, you might book into a dance class or simply make the time to dance at home to your favourite tunes. If it’s painting, you might buy a canvas and paints for a home painting session, or you might book into an art class.The possibilities are endless!

Go with your heart and be fearless.

If you feel nervous, silly or scared…bonus points to you! 

This is about connecting with your true nature and living your life the way you really want to deep down.

Make a decision and decide a time to just do it!

Please feel free to send me an email or better yet, share in the closed facebook group to encourage other women to do the same. I LOVE learning about the soulful or fun experiences this part of the journey creates!