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journal exercise for authenticity

*This journal exercise is longer than the previous ones. Please set aside ample time to sit quietly and go on a journey of self exploration.
Watch the video below, answer the questions and then reflect on them using the insights provided beneath them.


1. When you think back to your childhood, what did you love doing with your time and imagination?

2. As a child, what did you really want to be when you grew up? Explore how you feel about this now.

3. What parts of yourself do you find yourself hiding from others? (Explore the feelings/insecurities that you don’t share with the world).

4. Who are the people in your life that you feel most at ease with and comfortable being yourself?

5.What do they say or do to make you feel at ease?

6.Who in your life inspires you and why?

7.What are the 5 most important character traits you value in others?

8. Please complete this sentence: If I couldn’t fail, I would……

9. Please reflect and write about a time in your life when you felt you needed to hide your true nature because of the opinion, judgement or criticism of others.

10. Write down 5 words to reflect who you really are deep down.

11. Write down 5 words to describe how you want the world to view you.


the answers to your questions reveal so much about your true nature.

Read the insights below and reflect on your answers.

1. What we loved doing as children with our free time and imagination can reveal so much about our true nature and what brings our spirit joy. Perhaps explore how you can revisit this in some way or if in fact it is still a part of your life.

2. This can be rather funny to reflect upon! How different is your current vocation? Reflect if deep down it is still something you would love to do but perhaps don’t have the confidence or drive to do it.

3. These are the parts of yourself that you need to heal, embrace or transform. Reflect on how you can do that.

4 + 5. It’s important to acknowledge when you do feel authentic and safe to be you. Reflect on why these people have gained your trust or on some level have given you permission to be raw and real.

6. These people are showing you something that also lives within you. They are sparking something within you in order for you to awaken it within yourself. Explore this.

7. These are the traits you value the most in people. When you embody these traits you are honoring your true nature.

8. I love this sentence!! This gives you massive insight into your heartfelt desires that fear could be undermining.

9. These are the moments that shape us. Reflect on the impact this has had on your life and explore it from a new perspective. Is it time for you to heal this within you and move forward with the commitment to be yourself in similar situations?

10. You know you better than anyone. Reflect on these words.

11. Are these words different from the ones above in question 10? Explore why you want the world to view you in this light.

Now that was a journal exercise!

Well done for being courageous enough to dive deep and explore.