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compassion 101

For the week of gratitude

“If her past were your past, her pain your pain, her level of consciousness your level of consciousness, you would think and act exactly as she does. With this realization comes forgiveness, compassion and peace.”

― Eckhart Tolle


I remember reading the above quote many years ago, it shifted so much within my being and helped me to drop the massive amount of judgement I was carrying and projecting onto others.  

In a week dedicated to love, gratitude and soothing your heart space, it’s important to look at the emotions of resentment, hurt and judgement. All of which can eat away at your spirit and block you from feeling peace, openness and gratitude. 

The truth is, by holding the grudge, resenting others and harboring anger within our being, we are only hurting ourselves. As Buddha said, ‘Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’. The judgement and the pain that we can carry in our cells and in our being can weigh us down and constrict our heart space. Letting go and freeing ourselves from the pain is empowering. This is about taking charge of our internal game, the inner dialogue and the choices we make within. We can still have strong boundaries and teach others how to treat us whilst being in control of our internal environment.

Life as a human being means learning and experiencing all facets of this journey, including situations that naturally create anger, hurt and disappointment within us. 

We can’t avoid these experiences and we shouldn’t avoid or bury these emotions either. 

We can support ourselves by honouring these feelings as they arise, exploring them and eventually allowing them to move through us rather than harboring them within.

The Eckhart Tolle quote above is a wonderful place to start when reflecting, processing and growing from your experiences. When you find yourself saying  ‘I would never have done that!’, or feel outraged by the actions of another, I encourage you to grab your journal, write it out and explore it until you can get to that place of peace within yourself. This allows you to feel true empowerment and practice self mastery.

Sure, it ain’t always easy…

But you are creating a world in which YOU are in charge of your internal environment and able to rise above the pain just like a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

You aren’t just going through life, you are growing through life.

That’s what makes you courageous, strong and the epitome of love.  

You are an awakened woman after all….