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a journal exercise for the week of gratitude

journal questions:

1. When you reflect on your life to date, who are the top 5 people that you are most grateful for?

2. Reflect on a time when someone has taught you something, transformed you, healed you or helped you on your life journey through love and kindness.

3. Reflect on a challenging experience in your life and explore what the blessing, lesson or gain was from that situation.

4. Finish this sentence: I am stronger than I was a year ago because…

5. Name 5 things that your body allows you to do that creates gratitude and joy within you.

6. List 5 things that are going really well in your life right now (big or small).

7. Think of someone who has done  ‘wrong’ by you and reflect on what strength, lesson or power this person helped you to discover within yourself.

8. What do you wish you could whisper into the ear of your teenage self?

9. List the 5 proudest moments of your life so far.

10. List the 10 things that come to mind when finishing this sentence: My day is SO much better because of…

11. List 10 top reasons why you are blessed in your life.

starting a gratitude journal

A gratitude journal is a wonderful practice to include in your daily life. By starting a daily ritual of thinking about and writing down the blessings in your life, you will not only draw awareness to the good in your life, but you will attract more of the same. Remember, where attention goes, energy flows! You can start by writing a list of 10 things that you’re grateful for each morning. 

e.g I am so happy and grateful for (what?), because (why?).

Once you have created your list, read each one again and feel as grateful as you possibly can for each one. 

Trust that you will attract and create more of the same…