it's your time

Release. Renew. Reset.

A mini journey dedicated to starting afresh and getting on your own side.

heart to hand

A journal exercise

When we connect our heart to our hand and write from a place of truth, we can access our innermost feelings and beliefs. It’s truly amazing what can come up when we give ourselves the time and opportunity to connect and express. This heart to hand journal exercise is about self exploration, emotional processing and emotional release. 

For this heart to hand, you will need some quiet time and a journal. If you get stuck, blocked or struggle in any way that’s totally fine! Simply do what you can with no pressure or expectation. Sometimes it will flow in one sitting and other times it might require you to stop, do something else and revisit. 

Part 1:

Choose 3 words to sum up the most recent chapter in your life (the chapter you are now moving on from).

Choose 3 words that best describe what you would like to feel or experience in the phase you are now moving into?

Part 2:

Think of this new phase or chapter of your life and visualise how you want to feel, live and show up in the world. Take a moment to get clear about the overall vision. Write down some key words or phrases to describe YOU in this light. E.g Vibrantly healthy, lights up the room, deeply compassionate, financially free, has many deep and nourishing friendships. Essentially you are describing your most fulfilled, happy, authentic and on purpose self.

Now let’s get a little clearer. On a blank page write: THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH & THIS YEAR at the top. Now under each of these start writing down practical and realistic things that this version of you would do for herself. This might be small acts of self care, new projects, new habits, creative endeavours or lifestyle changes. This will not only give you a guide to refer to, but will help you to start making choices with this ‘new’ version of yourself in mind. This exercise will help you to create a plan and actually start implementing the things that will truly serve you. My biggest tip here is to keep it simple and achievable. Start small and watch how day by day you start doing the things that support your growth and journey.

  Part 3:

Create a mantra that is a positive and affirming statement in the present tense to support you in your new chapter. Here are some examples to help you:

 ‘I move through life with ease and grace, all is well’.

 ‘I am courageous, strong and capable of anything’.

‘I step into my power and live an authentic and fulfilled life’.

‘I am love. Love is all around me and within me.’

Have this mantra written, drawn, painted or printed out somewhere and say it to yourself…let the power of your spoken word start shaping your reality.

Part 4:

Write a heartfelt letter to yourself. This is a letter of forgiveness, love and commitment. Within it, include compassion for all that you’ve gone through, love for all that you are and also your promise to yourself. I can’t tell you how incredibly powerful this is. Let the words (and possibly tears) flow freely.


The art of connecting your heart to your hand and expressing in a journal, is a practice that will serve you so powerfully on your journey. Whether it’s something that you already love doing for yourself, or it’s something that this course has introduced you to, may you use it to support yourself from this point on.