it's your time

Release. Renew. Reset.

A mini course dedicated to starting a fresh and getting on your own side.

you did it!

Firstly, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for saying yes to yourself and embarking on this mini journey with me. I truly hope it’s shown you just powerful it is when you tend to yourself.

I love nothing more than creating powerful, sacred and soul nourishing journeys for women to embark on. Whether it’s a healing yoga class, a women’s gathering event or an online course, they each have one intention. To guide women back inward and to encourage more of us to awaken, heal & shine our unique light.

I’d LOVE to hear about your experience!

Your feedback and unique experience means SO much to me. Whether it’s a quick message, email or review on Facebook, please reach out and let me know how YOU went. 

I can’t wait to hear all about it.


Are you feeling the call to dive deeper?

There’s no mistaking that inner calling. That niggle. That knowing that it’s time to tend to yourself in a meaningful way.

If this mini journey has inspired something powerful within you and you feel READY to ride the wave of transformation and awakening, then I have something truly special to share with you.

It’s an invitation to dive deeper.

An invitation to de-stress, cultivate true self worth, practice real self care, tap into your intuition, connect with your authenticity, feel deep gratitude and embody who you were always meant to be.

‘Woman Awakens’ is a 7 week journey created from my soul, intuition & experience.

It is brimming with soul nourishing content that was created based on the most common blocks that we as women face. Created to be achievable and deeply transformative for even the busiest of women. 

You can learn more, read some incredible reviews and snap up the intro offer below the video.

With SO much love & excitement,


P.S  I’m giving a limited number of women nearly 50% off Woman Awakens as a launch celebration in Jan!!!

This will never be at this price again.

 Watch the intro below and begin the next phase of your journey.