it's your time

Release. Renew. Reset.

A mini journey dedicated to starting afresh and getting on your own side.

release what no longer serves you.

A powerful process of letting go.

release ceremony guide:

  • Make sure to allow enough time to write, express and purify without feeling rushed.
  • Write in 3 parts. Start by writing everything that you’re ready to release. Next, write down all that the above has revealed to you about yourself. What have the people, things or situations that you wrote down taught you? Finally, try to move into a place of gratitude by seeing the hidden blessings, pearls of wisdom, silver lining or upside of each and everything you’ve written down in part 1.
  •  Now that you’ve written and expressed, you might want to safely burn the paper. Tap into your intuition and do what feels right here. You might want to dance, sing, scream, punch a pillow or go for a run to feel the physical act of clearing. Let this be liberating!
  • Complete this powerful process by seeking water to purify your mind, body & spirit. This might be a healing shower, a relaxing bath with your fave essential oils or a sunset ocean dip. Visualise the water cleansing your mind, body & spirit. 

it takes great courage to honour and release...
take a moment to feel proud of how courageous, strong & fearless you truly are.