it's your time

Release Reset Renew

A mini journey dedicated to starting afresh and getting on your own side.


what you'll need for the journey ahead:

Please have a journal, a yoga block (or rolled up blanket) and a yoga mat (or a comfy surface).

dedicating the time:

Here is a list of the steps in this journey so you can plan ahead and make sure to set aside the time required.

Intention Setting: This will only take you 10 minutes or so. You might like to do either the Release Exercise or Yoga sequence after.

Release Ceremony: This could take anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours depending on what you plan for yourself.  Watch the video, plan your ceremony and allocate a time to do it right away.

Yoga: This will take you around 30 mins. You can repeat this sequence as much as you like throughout this journey and beyond.

Journal Exercise: This will most likely take at least 45 minutes. It all depends on how easily it flows for you at the time.

Guided Meditation: This is an 11 minute track but you might like to do it before or after another part of the journey.

Closing Ceremony: This video is only around 7 minutes long. As it’s the last part of the journey, I encourage you to do this at night. Light candles and do either the yoga, guided meditation or some more journal work beforehand.