Tune in. Heal. Transform.

This is the part of the SacredFlo where we can start to feel a little (or a whole lot) better. We get into the groove of our moontime and can start to really tap into some serious power.

All of a sudden in our cocoon, we are growing, changing and transforming into an even more evolved version of ourselves. This is a time of healing, rejuvinating and cultivating our power.

This is when we might have even more profound dreams, ideas, visions, insights and downloads of wisdom. It’s almost as if the veil of our intuition is lifted and we can see clearly all that we need to know.

Use this phase of awakening to meditate, journal, create and explore your ideas and insights. Just know that your thoughts are POWERFUL, so choose what you think about, dream about, manifest and weave into your reality wisely. 

The world truly is your oyster…


Our 'awaken' phase is the part of the journey where we are sprouting our wings from within our cocoon. We are extremely intuitive, powerful and full of wisdom. It's the perfect time to harness our creative and intuitive power.

Practices for your Awaken phase.


Connect to your intuition and inner guidance in the powerful Guided Meditation.


Explore and write down what came up for you in your meditation in the journal exercise below. You will refer to this in the Emerge phase.


Take some time to connect with your inner most dreams and desires. Embrace the master manifestor within.


Guided Meditation

This powerful Guided Meditation has been lovingly created to guide you to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. Connect with the insights and messages for this cycle and use this time to tap into your inner knowing. 

This can be repeated each and every month as a potent practice of inner listening. Always remember, YOU are incredibly intuitive and wise. The answers, direction & insights you seek are within you, simply waiting to be heard.

What you discovered from your guided meditation

Journal Exercise

Take a moment to reflect on the wisdom and insights you connected with during your Guided Meditation. Make sure to express and record what came up for you while it’s fresh in your mind. Here are some questions to help if needed:

What was the main feeling during my meditation? What are the important lessons for me for this cycle? How can I move forward in my life based on these insights? Were there any other interesting visions?

thoughts become things

You are a powerful Manifestor

The thoughts you think have power & can truly create your reality. This is a time where your power to create and manifest is amplified. It’s a good idea to use this time wisely by thinking about what you DO want for your life and not give too much energy to what you DON’T want. Take a moment to connect with your heart, hold a clear vision and start visualising what you would like to experience in your world. Reflect on the different areas of your life such as health, relationships, finances, career, passions, purpose & experiences. Don’t forget to also hold a vision for Mother Earth and world at large. Use your potency to send some love & peace outwards!

As you visualise your desired future, try to imagine it happening in the present. See and feel it as if it’s happening NOW. The more emotion you can feel, the more powerful this becomes. You might like to explore this further in your journal or by creating a vision board of pictures and words that spark excitement, joy & fulfillment within you.

May your heartfelt dreams be for the highest good of all.