Surrender. Release. Divine Love.

Just like a caterpillar builds it’s cocoon to surround and hold it while it’s is transforming, you too are entering a cocoon. Rather than it being of silk like that of the caterpillar, it’s one of deep love and divine wisdom. This cocoon will protect you, hold you and nourish you whilst you are journeying inward towards your inner most self. 

The first few days of bleeding represents your time of hibernation, resting and surrendering. Your body is literally shedding! This is your powerful time to release all that is no longer serving you and anything that has been building up within you over the last month or so.

Give yourself permission to slow down, rest, truly feel your emotions, process and just be (whenever you can!). If you are used to ‘carrying on’, ‘getting on with it’ and ‘pushing through’, you might find it challenging to slow down & allow your magical body do what she knows how to. We certainly can have a lot of resistance to resting, stopping and just being. So many of us feel guilty for taking that time to regenerate as if it’s a weakness or as if we must earn the right to take a break. The truth is, it’s when we give ourselves permission to wholeheartedly rest  that we heal, regenerate and tap into the power that is our birthright.
You aren’t doing ‘nothing’ by resting. You are in fact allowing for an incredible transformation to happen within you. 

Treat yourself with tenderness, kindness and flood yourself with the love and acceptance your heart and body longs for. The more you surrender to the sacredness of your moontime, the more rejuvenated you will feel when you enter your inner spring time once again. The practices to follow are all about self acceptance and allowing for the divine love that is there for you, into every cell of your being. 

May you give yourself permission to live at your pace (and not at the pace of the world). This means really looking at what is urgent, saying ‘no’ if need be and embracing the idea that your well being matters. Even if you only give yourself a tiny fraction of the self care you would ideally like to have when you’re bleeding, celebrate it. Honour it. Cherish it.

You deserve your love & acceptance as much as anyone else, beautiful. Don’t forget it!

Our 'cocoon' time allows us to truly surrender. It's not only about surrendering what is ready to be released but also surrendering to the divine love encoded within each and every one of us. Awaken that potent love and feel it heal you from the inside out.

Practices for your Cocoon phase.


Practice the nourishing yoga sequence lovingly created for your first few days of bleeding.


Print and complete the journal exercise to reflect upon the lessons/themes of this cycle.


Enjoy the Self Love exercise to embrace all parts of yourself and cultivate a deep connection with your body.

cocoon phase

Nurturing Yoga

This restorative Yoga sequence has been lovingly created to support you during your first few days of bleeding (or anytime during your moontime). It’s a beautiful practice that will ease tension through the lower back/hips & guide you inward. You will need a yoga bolster (or a nice thick rolled up blanket), a few cushions and anything else to help make you comfy. I suggest having some soothing music playing, dimming the lights/ lighting candles and allow yourself to feel safe & supported.

print and fill out each month!

Guided Journal Exercise

This monthly guided journal exercise will help you to connect your heart to your hand during your ‘moontime’.
It’s been lovingly created to help you to reflect each month on what has been, what you’re feeling, your intuition and the wisdom that this SacredFlo has to share with you.​

divine love

Embrace Yourself.

It can be hard to cultivate a deep sense of love towards ourselves, especially at a time when we can feel sensitive, tired, low and in need of rest. In saying that, it’s during our bleeding days that we are reminded of the divine feminine power within us. Our bodies are magical and wise. We as women are magical and wise and there is infinite love within us. I encourage you to visualise the cocoon surrounding you, holding you and nurturing you throughout the day. Feel it soften you and fill you with love. Surrender to the process that’s taking place within your body and feel proud of it. 

The thing is, we are bombarded with messages everyday telling us that we are not enough, that our value is based on our appearance and that we need to look a certain way to be beautiful. It’s time we stop letting these outdated beliefs define how we feel about ourselves. It’s time we start flooding our bodies with gratitude for what they allow us to do and it’s time we CELEBRATE our uniqueness. Remember that there are billion dollar industries making a whole lotta money from making us feel like we aren’t enough as we are, from telling us we need to be different/better and that have something to gain from us feeling inadequate.

I invite you to validate yourself. I invite you to accept yourself the way you are. I invite you to rebel against the idea that you need anything from the outside to be beautiful. Beauty is in the way you feel, the way you love and the way you show up in the world. 

When we start embracing ourselves wholeheartedly, we give others permission to do the same. Let your blood remind you that you are the divine feminine embodied. You are perfectly’ imperfect’ and you are more beautiful and powerful than you are lead to believe…

May we do this for the women of yesterday and the daughters of tomorrow. 


Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and take a few deep, soothing breaths. Reflect on all that your body allows you to do. Reflect on your uniqueness. Reflect on your health. You are SO much more than just your physical body, however your body is your constant, your home & the vessel in which you experience this life through. If you have spent much of your life judging, criticising and disliking your body, take a moment to thank it. And remember that you didn’t enter this world hating, judging or disliking your beautiful and glorious body. If somewhere along the way you lost the self acceptance you were born with, know that it’s never too late to rewrite your story. You don’t need to look a certain way to be worthy and beautiful. 

You’re worthy because you’re alive.