Clarity. Direction. Rebirth.

The final phase of our ‘SacredFlo’ is our time of emerging from the cocoon in which held and supported you for the duration of your ‘moontime’. 

Just like the beautiful butterfly emerges and spreads it’s newly formed wings, you too are leaving your time of inner winter/hibernation and stepping out into the world with the wisdom and understanding that our cocoon time gifted you. 

It’s important that you can bring forth into your life all that you discovered, healed, learned and created during your moontime and slowly emerge with the clarity and sense of newness that you now feel. 

This is the powerful window and moment of transition. Before you throw yourself into the magic of your inner Spring time, it’s wise to make a plan that will serve you for the days, weeks and months ahead.

A beautiful time of clarity, direction and planning to mark the end of your inner winter/bleeding days.

Our 'emerge' phase is our very own rebirth. Our moment to emerge from our moontime with all the wisdom, insight and power that we connected to during our time within the cocoon. This marks our transition from the depths of our inner winter to the inspiration of our inner spring.

Practices for your Emerge phase.


Apply your wisdom to your world & create a plan for the month ahead with the printable sheet below.


Yoga for the Goddess within.
A beautiful and nourishing flow for your emerging.


Release Ceremony. A powerful way to honour the letting go process and mark the end of your inner winter.


Create a plan for the month ahead.

This is a powerful window to connect your heart to your hand and create a plan of action. This Guided Journal worksheet will help you to draw on the power of the clarity within and work out how you are going to move forward on your life journey with all that you have recently learned, discovered or awakened.


Yoga for the Goddess within.

This sequence is an ‘anytime’ flow that will help you to connect with your breath, connect with your body and bring you wholeheartedly into the present moment. Enjoy emerging from your cocoon and embodying your beauty and magnificence.

Create your own release ceremony&

Let go with gratitude.

It can be a powerful practice at the end of our moontime to reflect on what we have released or shed and honour the end of this phase. Here are some ideas to create your very own ‘Release Ceremony’ and intentionally mark this moment of clearing so you can move forward with a new lease on life.

  • Write down on a piece of paper all that you have cleared, shed & released during your moontime and carefully burn it. As you watch it turn to ash, give thanks for all that you have learned and how it has served you (even the most challenging situations have a blessing/silver lining/learning opportunity).
  • Draw yourself a sacred bath! You might like to add some rose petals, dried lavender flowers, pure essential oils and some magnesium flakes/epsom salts. Light some candles, put on your fave playlist and allow the element of water to purify and cleanse your being.
  • Have a candlelit shower. An amazing self care go-to if you have little time to yourself! Turn off the lights and let the candlelight help you to truly relax. Be as present as possible and feel the water cleansing your mind, body & spirit.
  • Get a dose of nature. A soothing bush walk, an ocean dip, a healing beach walk or a moment of reflection beneath the trees can be enough to renew our spirits. It’s simply about being present and soaking in the beauty of the moment.

Prepare to step forth into your inner Spring time knowing that you have grown, transformed and awakened.You have spiraled inward to your inner temple and the source of your power.It is now time for you to spread your wings and shine your unique light on the world.

'You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop'