You did it!


Well, here we are at the end of your SacredFlo journey. It is my heartfelt intention that you continue the practice of embracing your cycle, honouring your moontime and most of all, accepting all of your beautiful self.

I’ve designed this to be a resource for you to repeat and revisit when you feel called to. Perhaps you’ll login each moontime and enjoy the practices designed for each phase of your bleeding days and when you’re done, print off a new cycle map to track your journey through another cycle.

It’s here to support you, guide you and ultimately to remind you that you are a perfect reflection of Mother Nature and the divine feminine. You deserve your own love & acceptance and your body is truly magical. Never forget that all of the answers, wisdom, strength & power that you are looking for are already within you, waiting to be awakened!

I’d LOVE to hear your personal experience with this offering, so please reach out and share it via the form below..

Here’s to the Wise Women who have walked before us, the Goddesses of today and the Powerhouses of tomorrow.

Here’s to us and our SacredFlo.

Love Tara.