understand your cycle to

Unlock your superpowers.


We are part of Mother Earth and a beautiful reflection of her cyclical nature. We, like the earth journey through 4 inner seasons. We, like the moon have 4 distinct phases, all different and all with their own unique power, gifts and wisdom.

We as women are cyclical creatures ebbing and flowing, expanding and contracting. And yet we are living in a very linear world with many of us having very little understanding of our natural cycle and the journey we take each month.

Once we can see this natural cycle and understand the gifts in each phase, we can live in alignment with it. We can start honouring our ever-changing state & essentially go WITH the flow rather than against it.

It’s this knowledge that can change the way we live our lives in order to avoid burnout, reduce exhaustion & help us to achieve our dreams. It helps us to know when to act, when to rest, when to forge ahead and when to slow down. This is about listening to our inner guidance system and unlocking our superpowers as we go.

This is about learning how to flow with the great river of wisdom within YOU and allowing it to awaken your fullest potential.

Exploring the inner seasons.

This video will talk about the 4 inner seasons and phases that we journey through each cycle/month.

We will explore the gifts in each inner season and how to best harness the power of each phase to support you in your life.

PLEASE NOTE: Your cycle may or may not sync with the lunar phases at any given time (it’s perfectly okay either way!).

I’ve included the lunar phases (which inner season each moon phase correlates to) simply as a guide for women who have irregular periods, are yet to start bleeding or have finished bleeding to be able to honour their cyclical nature.



If you have irregular periods, are yet to begin bleeding or perhaps no longer experience your moontime, simply use the moon phases as your guide to indicate which inner season you are in and when to practice the ‘moontime practices’. The moon phases are a beautiful way of aligning with your cyclical nature when a bleed isn’t present for whatever reason. Simply find out what phase the moon is in to help you to navigate the cycle map and indicate when your ‘inner winter’ is. As I mentioned above, your personal cycle doesn’t need to sync with the moon.

  • NEW MOON- Inner Winter/Moontime
  • 1st QUARTER MOON- Inner Spring.
  • FULL MOON- Inner Summer.
  • LAST QUARTER- Inner Autumn.
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The SacredFlo Cycle Guide...

Below is a cycle guide to help you to navigate your cycle and live in alignment with it. It is based on an average 28 day cycle but is simply a guide. Your personal cycle may be shorter, longer or very changeable. The beauty is when you start mapping your cycle, you get to know YOUR body. You will start noticing patterns and before you know it, it will be second nature and you will know what to expect and how you will most likely be feeling well in advance! 

The guide below is a great place to start. It’s a reference guide for the 4 inner seasons and how you might be feeling throughout your ever changing cycle. Feel free to print it off and allow it to guide you inwards!

The SacredFlo Cycle Map...

Below is a printable map that you can use to track your cycle and learn how to live in alignment with it. It’s a great way to put pen to paper, track what’s happening and plan your weeks accordingly. Having one page printed out each cycle helps you to see the whole picture.  By knowing where you are at in your cycle and recording how you are feeling, you will notice a pattern and get to know YOUR individual cycle. The biggest thing to remember is that you are unique! This will help you to get to know yourself and your unique cyclical nature. Enjoy connecting to YOU and your magic…