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It truly is understandable why so many women feel disconnected and negative about their cycle. There isn’t exactly a whole lot of support and guidance about how we as women can honour our cyclical nature and embrace our moontime as an opportunity to heal ourselves, love ourselves and embody all that we are. 

What was once seen and understood as a sacred practice has over many generations been painted as something we have to simply endure, put up with, be ashamed of or is some kind of weakness.

And yet there are countless women all over the world who sing a different song, tell a different story and who honour their cycle and celebrate the sacredness of their bleed. Some of these women were taught about the beauty and power of their bodies from their mothers, and grandmothers. Others stumbled upon this wisdom later in life through a book or through a life changing conversation. These women treat their cycle as a spiritual practice and use it as a guide to deepen their connection to themselves, the world and the divine love that is at our core. 

The truth is, once you experience how it can be for yourself, there’s truly no going back to the old way of seeing your cycle and moontime.

As a mother of a daughter, I couldn’t be more passionate about breaking the cycle of shame and disconnect around our moontime and teaching my girl that her body is magical, her cycle is her superpower and her moontime is the gateway to the intuition and power that is her birthright. After years of living and sharing this, I was called to create an online journey and ‘toolkit’ that makes it easy for every woman to honour her moontime with simple yet powerful practices. SacredFlo has been lovingly created to guide you home to your inner temple with practices you can revisit with each and every cycle.

I believe that real ‘body love’ and self acceptance starts here. It starts with embracing our moontime and replacing the shame and disconnect with a deep reverence and understanding of the sacredness within us.

It’s my heartfelt intention that the information and practices within SacredFlo, will guide you to the place of deep knowing that will change the way you feel about your body, cycle and potential as a woman. And at the end of the day, I truly believe that we all deserve to know how incredible our bodies are, how magical our cyclical nature is and how much power lies within each and every one of us.

With all my love and gratitude,

Tara Aldridge.

We are breaking the taboo, we are reclaiming our birthright and the cycle of shame and disconnect around menstruation stops with us. This is for the generations of women who have walked before us and the daughters of tomorrow.

Your Welcome Video

Begin your SacredFlo journey by watching the video below and enjoying the practices on this page. You DO NOT need to be bleeding to start! In fact, I recommend starting this journey in the weeks leading up to bleeding so you can start to map your cycle and deepen your understanding before your bleeding days.

How to get the most out of SacredFlo:


As mentioned above, you do not need to be in your bleeding phase to begin this journey. I recommend you beginning in the weeks leading up to your period if possible. Once you've watched the Welcome video you can start to move through the practices on this page and continue onto the next step 'Understand your cycle to unlock your superpowers'. This will guide you to start mapping your cycle right away and understand your cyclical nature leading up to your bleeding phase. The first 2 steps of this course are to help you to see your moontime in a new light and understand your cycle in order to live in alignment with it. This will prepare you beautifully for the 'moontime practices' that will support you during your bleeding days each and every month.


You can start with the 'RETREAT' practices in the few days leading up to bleeding when you can feel yourself slowing down. This phase is about gently turning inward and preparing for your moontime.
If your period starts unexpectedly, you might like to begin with 'RETREAT' on day 1 and then move to 'COCOON' on day 2 of your bleed.
Your 'COCOON' practices are for your first few days of bleeding. when you are feeling the most inward (usually days 1-3 but every woman is different and bleed for different durations). Your 'AWAKEN' practices are for the last few days of bleeding and your 'EMERGE' practices are for when your bleeding has finished and you are about to enter your inner springtime.


SacredFlo has been created to support you cycle after cycle. So once you've completed the 'moontime practices' during your bleeding days, you then print a new cycle map and continue mapping your way through your next cycle.
You can live in alignment with your cycle and honour the inner seasons that you journey through before circling back to your next inner winter (bleeding phase). Once finished, you can continue to map your cycle, practice living in alignment with it and then start back at the Retreat phase of SacredFlo a few days before bleeding each cycle thereafter.
This course has been designed to support you each and every month. and will act as a toolkit of practices to turn to.
Enjoy the journey!

Some journal prompts for reflection...

It’s important to honour our experiences and reflect upon why we feel the way we do about our moontime (and bodies in general). This is about having deep compassion and understanding towards yourself as to why you do the things we do, think the things you think and feel the way you feel. This reflection exercise will help you to shine a light on your experience in order to embrace it. Please remember it’s NEVER too late to make peace with your period, embrace your cycle and form a whole new relationship with your body. No matter what your experience has been, you have more than enough strength, love & power to transform the way you feel about your moontime from here on in. And once you do beautiful woman, you will see your body for the magical & divine vessel it is.

1. This is the perfect time to reflect upon your experience when you first started your moontime. Take a moment to journal your memories & the emotions of that time. Reflect upon how old you were, where you were and what information/guidance you were given & how it affected you. (If you are yet to start your moontime, please write down your feelings about experiencing your menarche and what your beliefs are around what it means to be a bleeding woman.

2. What are some of the beliefs you have taken on board in regards to menstruation? For example have you believed it to be a weakness, nuisance or something dirty?

3. If you could go back in time and have ANY kind of experience when you first started your moontime, what would that have looked like? What kind of support, guidance or information would you have loved to have had?

4.Moving forward, how is it that you want to feel about your moontime and body in general? What intention would you like to set for this journey?

Self love starts here!

Guided Meditation

'the remembering'

This powerful guided meditation has been created to help you to embrace yourself wholeheartedly.

If you have had a disconnected or negative relationship with your body & cycle, may this be a moment of deep healing and acceptance. 

If on the other hand you are just starting out on your moontime journey, may this help you to cultivate the kind of love & acceptance that you are worthy of.

menstRuation & the

Sacral Chakra

Chakra means ‘Aneel or wheel’ in Sanskrit.  There are seven main chakras (or energy centres) which are said to run along the spine from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each of these invisible wheels of energy correspond to different parts of our physical body as well as our emotional, psychological and spiritual states of being. The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) means “ones own abode” and is located at the pelvis. The sacral chakra is often depicted as an orange lotus with six petals. It physically relates to the reproductive/sexual organs, lower back, pelvis & hips. On an emotional level, it relates to creativity, passion, power, money, sexuality, control, guilt & relationships.  

If we can embrace the idea that we are releasing, cleansing and surrendering with our bleed, we can start to reflect upon and explore what emotions we’ve been dealing with that month/cycle. When we are out of balance, blocked or perhaps denying ‘flow’ in the areas correlating to the Sacral Chakra, our body will certainly let us know via our moontime symptoms.

 Stress also plays a HUGE role in our moontime experience (and our overall health in general) so by turning inward, exploring our inner world and addressing the stressors in our lives, we open up to the incredible healing potential of our period. Honouring this process can make a world of difference to how dramatic our symptoms are, not to mention allow us to transform, heal & grow.

Sit with yourself and explore your beliefs/feelings/experiences around your relationship with money, your creative self, your sexuality, your sense of power, your ability to surrender, guilt that you may be holding onto & your feminine nature. If something feels stagnant, blocked, repressed or simply isn’t flowing the way you’d like, then start the process of bringing it into balance. We all heal & process differently, but often the first step to creating change is to simply bring awareness to what has been hidden away. Shine the light on the dimly lit parts within by perhaps journaling, talking to a trusted friend or meditating on a particular issue. Trust your inner guidance as to what is the best way to overcome, shift, release or embrace whatever has come up for you.

You are a powerful woman, one of a kind & filled with the energy of the divine feminine. May you live your life fully, wholeheartedly and fearlessly.