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Woman Awakens

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heart to hand

introduction to the woman awakens journal exercises

journal exercise for the week of calm

When we connect our heart to our hand and write from a place of truth, we can access our innermost feelings and beliefs. It’s truly amazing what can come up when we give ourselves the time and opportunity to connect and express. These heart to hand journal exercises are about self exploration, emotional processing and emotional release. 

For this module, your journal exercise is about becoming aware of your beliefs and giving yourself an opportunity to clarify what your thoughts and feelings are around stress. This awareness allows you to empower yourself, perhaps change the story and ultimately change your life. 

For this heart to hand you will need some quiet time and a journal. If you get stuck, blocked or struggle in any way that’s totally o.k! Simply do what you can with no pressure or expectation. Sometimes it will flow in one sitting and other times it might require you to stop, do something else and revisit. 

Exercise 1:

 Write down 10 things/tasks that you do on a regular basis that you find stressful or hard. These might be things that are challenging, mundane or things that can trigger a negative response within you.Write them and number them 1-10 going down a page and start each line with ‘I have to……….’

Exercise 2:

Next to each one of your ‘have to’s’ please write ‘I get to’ followed by the task. Reflect or expand on this by exploring what gift or blessing is there. What is the positive, why are you lucky or what is the gift in it? You might like to add the values that are tied to the task also.For example: ‘I have to cook dinner every night’ becomes ‘I get to cook dinner every night. I have the means to provide food for myself and my family and the skills to create meals each day (the blessings). I value the health of my family so I choose to prepare healthy home cooked meals (the value tied to the task).’

This will help you to change your perception about the tasks that can trigger a stress response for you and allow you to see them in a new light.

Exercise 3:

Write down the main things, people or situations that can trigger the greatest stress response within you. List as many of them as you can. Then, next to each one write down one thing that you can do to support yourself through it next time it arises. Decide to implement or practice whatever you have come up with when you are next faced with the situation. This will help you to not only become aware of your stress triggers, but be proactive in calming and supporting yourself.

Exercise 4:

What changes (big or small) can you implement in your life right now to help you to feel more calm, centered and peaceful?