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Calm. Self Worth. Self Care. Wisdom. Authenticity. Gratitude. Embodiment.

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journal exercise for the week of self worth

This week, I will guide your through your questions for self exploration via the video below. Please have your journal ready, watch the video and pause when prompted. This exercise will guide you to identify the deep insecurities that may be holding you back. Once you shine the light upon them, you will create powerful mantras that speak directly to them and ultimately create a new internal dialogue.

video recap and questions

Exercise 1:

Write down your deepest insecurities, the things that you truly struggle with.

Exercise 2:

Create a positive mantra that speaks directly to each insecurity. This should be an affirming statement which will act as a remedy for your negative beliefs.

Exercise 3 :

Write down 3 moments or things in your life that your are truly PROUD of.

Powerful Visualisation for Self Worth:

Visualise one of these moments that your are proud of. Simply close your eyes, go back to that moment and allow the feelings of pride to flood your body and shift your state.

mindset exercise

shower yourself in praise

 *Please do your journal exercise first

You will use the mantras created from your self inquiry work to create a daily ritual of healing and transformation. 

You might like to write your mantras out and place them where you can see them