it's your time

Woman Awakens

Calm. Self Worth. Self Care. Wisdom. Authenticity. Gratitude. Embodiment.

write from the heart

express the love

This exercise is not only about feeling gratitude but also expressing it. 

There is nothing as healing as letting someone know just how much they mean to you and acknowledging the positive impact they have had on your life.

This is an opportunity to write a letter or a card to someone with a loving and courageous heart. 

This can be a heartfelt letter to a family member, a close friend or even a stranger who through their work made an impact on you.

This practice will open your heart, raise your vibration and make someones day!

If you feel nervous or vulnerable then it’s all the more important to follow through and overcome your fear to express in this way.

Open your heart and let the love flow onto the paper…