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Woman Awakens

Calm. Self Worth. Self Care. Wisdom. Authenticity. Gratitude. Embodiment.

you did it!

you've come a long way...

Congratulations on completing Woman Awakens online journey of Yoga, Meditation & Soul Medicine.

I can’t wait to hear all about your experience…

May you always remember that YOU are your greatest healer, greatest teacher and that everything you will ever need is already within you.


sharing your unique experience

Your unique experience and insights are truly invaluable. 

Not only will it help to improve this online journey but your words might be exactly what another woman needs to read in order to take the leap and walk this path herself.

Also, if you refer another woman and she signs up for her own journey of awakening, let us know via email and you will receive some powerful BONUS CONTENT as a heartfelt thank you for spreading the word.


With so much love and gratitude...
Tara Aldridge.