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For Women

online journeys to guide you back inward...

True healing occurs when we merge together the power of clear intention, nourishing and mindful movement, self exploration, guided meditation, visualisation & transformation exercises. It’s a potent combination that allows us to shift what needs shifting, release what needs releasing and embrace what needs embracing.

These journeys aren’t quick fixes, bandaids or more distractions. They’ve been created to guide you to turn inward and step into your innate power to heal and transform your world. 

Essentially, it’s about you tending to yourself and connecting with yourself.

That’s when the magic happens.

The Online Journeys

mini course

Release Renew Reset


Ready to start a fresh and turn over a new leaf?
This is a mini journey where you get to release the old, renew your spirit and reset your world.
A beautiful introduction to Tara Aldridge and her unique way of teaching, sharing and guiding women back towards themselves.
Plus, it can be all done in a weekend!

the deep dive

Woman Awakens

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A 7 week journey of yoga, meditation & soul medicine to transform your world from the inside out.
A course brimming with soul nourishing content that takes you through the 7 most common challenges we face as modern women such as stress, lack of self worth, lack of self care, disconnect from intuition, lack of authenticity, lack of gratitude and a feeling of not living a life that reflects our true potential.

it's your time.

Embark on a journey you know you’re ready for.