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Woman Awakens

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I’ve spent many years working alongside amazing health/wellness practitioners who have referred to me knowing how much yoga, meditation and a good dose of self love can support their clients and the work they do as practitioners.

So when I created Woman Awakens, I wanted to make sure that these powerful referrals get rewarded. There are women all over the world that are looking for a soul nourishing, life changing online journey like this and there are many incredible practitioners looking for a way to further support their clients and grow their income at the same time.

Woman Awakens is 7 weeks of nourishing yoga sequences, powerful guided meditations, heart opening journal exercises, mindset exercises, intention setting ceremony and more. It truly has the potential to change how a women feels about herself and shows up in the world. 

Learn how you can join the tribe of practitioners who have partnered with me.

I have attended many yoga classes over the years and Tara is by far one of the best. She intuitively designs the classes based on the collective needs and incorporates spiritual practices into her teachings.I can't recommend Tara and Woman Awakens highly enough.
Tracy Gaibisso
fertility mentor, naturopath & herbalist -beyond health.
'Tara has been working with our multi modality natural health clinic for over 8 years. We have seen literally hundreds of our clients work with her in her classes, events and online course. We highly recommend her unique offerings and love how she can support our clients alongside our practitioners.
Jason & Gemma Donnelly
Naturopaths & Owners of Natureco Health Centre
I have been going to Tara's classes for many years.There is always a spiritual aspect whether it's a reminder to be kind to your body, fully present or to check in with how you're really going. She has helped me through both of my pregnancies and I highly recommend Woman Awakens for any woman ready to dive deeper.
Lauren Mitzen
'Mindful moving meditation'. These are the words to describe the deeply nourishing environment Tara provides. Her unique ability to sense what women need and facilitate a class that is both challenging and restorative is truly amazing. I cannot recommend her enough.
Adele Robinson
Occupational Therapist
Tara's work is unique. She weaves it all together with great intuition, insight, kindness and true compassion for where everyone wants to journey. Her special events for nourishment, moon and astrological focus (to name a few) are not to be missed. Loaded with information, focused practice and mindfulness.
Sarah Evans
Kinesiologist & wellness mentor
I worked with Tara one on one during my pregnancy. We worked on managing stress using yoga, guided meditations and visualisations. Tara is very intuitive and her guidance was invaluable.
Andrea Pavlu

Frequently Asked Questions for practitioners

Do I need to apply to start referring?

Yes. You can find out more by booking a free video call with Tara Aldridge. It’s completely free to apply and once approved you can start referring right away.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn in thank you monies?

Absolutely not. There is no limit to how many women you successfully refer to this online journey and therefore no limit to how much you can earn.

How long do my clients get access to the content for?

Once they sign up they receive unlimited access. That means they can repeat and revisit the content as much as they like, for as long as they like.

Do they need yoga experience?

No. The yoga videos are for all levels and encourage women to do what they can at their own pace. Also, yoga is only one aspect of this journey, there is plenty of nourishing content that doesn’t require any movement or experience.

book your free call via zoom to find out more.

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About Woman Awakens

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A week dedicated to de-stressing, soothing and bringing a deep sense of calm into your busy world.

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A week created to help you to rewrite your story, accept yourself wholeheartedly & get on your own side once and for all.

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A week designed to help you create a sustainable and achievable self care practice.

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A week dedicated to awakening your inner wisdom, insight and intuitive knowing.

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A week dedicated to you creating a life that reflects who you truly are by honouring your true nature and authentic self.

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A week guiding you to unlock the well of gratitude within and the ability to be truly present in your life.


embody your magnificence

A week of honouring the journey, tying it all together and embodying your full potential.

What women are saying...

Through this journey I have come to like myself for who I am and what I have to offer my family and friends. I have learnt to say no in a positive and caring way, to allow time for myself to relax and be me for me. I have learned to remain calm in stressful situations and I am grateful for every day and for what I can do to make it better for myself, family, friends and our wonderful world. I recommend this program as it is the best seven weeks of self-learning, nurturing and caring every woman deserves, this is the new me, truly awakened. Thank you, Tara.
Cheryl D
I have got so much out of Tara's Woman Awakens course. I have learnt practical ways to relax, make time to nourish myself and become a more well-rounded person. As a new mum, this has given me lots of skills to ensure I take care of myself to enable me to take better care of my family. I love how Tara has structured the course, each week building on from the previous and enabling me to uncover more layers about myself. The course is thorough and in-depth, yet suitable to fit into a busy daily schedule. I particularly got a lot of benefit from the journal questions, encouraging me to think more deeply and also reminding me how much benefit we can get from journal writing. Tara's approach is natural and authentic and her guided meditations are just divine! I would recommend this course to all women who want to deepen their understanding of themselves, build their sense of confidence and self-worth and experience the benefits of taking some time to slow down in our busy lives.
Alicia W
I’ve been attending Tara’s Yoga/meditation classes for many years. It provided me with strength, calmness and a sense of belonging. So, when I relocated to the country I was devastated. What have I done! I chose to leave the most important grounding therapy of my life. When I saw Woman Awakens 7 week journey of yoga, meditation and soul medicine, I was thrilled. The moment I started the journey I was back in her studio. Tara’s passion, wisdom and understanding gave me reassurance. Tara is right in my home, providing me with calmness. I am able to rehash her classes at any time when it suited me. Tara not only understands the art of Yoga Practice, but provides additional wellness and nourishment that I can not find with other practices.
Glenda W

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