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A heartfelt welcome.

I'm Tara and I love nothing more than to intuitively create offerings that hold you in a frequency of pure love & gently guide you inward. Where you can safely call yourself home, remember more of who you are & bring forth the essence that the world is ready for.

In Person Offerings

Intuitively created events, classes, immersions and gatherings for Women including: Intuitive Healing Journeys, Soultribe Women’s Gathering, Soultribe Mama/Daughter, Yoga + Sound Healing, Soul-Call Immersions, Ceremony and  Soul Alchemy Retreats.


Online Offerings

One of a kind online offerings, courses & memberships  including ‘Turn inward together’ online membership of Yoga, Meditation & Soul Medicine;; SacredFlo Course to embrace your cycle & honour your moontime ; ‘The Lightweavers’ Children’s Meditations + Inner World Curriculum + ‘The Lightweavers’ online members portal.

Journey's of remembering.

When we feel held and safe enough to gently spiral inward, we remember that we are our own greatest healer, wisest teacher and ultimately the heroine of our own story.

Heal. Connect. Expand.

Events and immersions thst are unlike any others.



Welcome, I’m Tara, Australia Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Channel & most importantly Mama to 3 glorious wildlings.

I weave and hold sacred gatherings, ceremony, healing journeys, courses, retreats & events for Women.


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